Grants Page

UTSC Conference Grants

The committee reviews grant applications four times a year after the deadlines below. Members are eligible for one book grant per school year (Fall-Summer).

Cycle 1 (Fall): Friday, September 29th by 3pm

Cycle 2 (Winter): Friday, December 1st by 3pm

Cycle 3 (Spring): Friday, March 22nd by 3pm

Cycle 4 (Summer): June 7th by 3pm

Important:  Grant applications received after the above meeting dates will not be considered until the following cycle.

UTSC Book Grants

Members may apply one time per year for grants of up to $100 for members to purchase professional texts of their choice or books on social justice-related topics to use with students in their classrooms.  

UTSC Professional Membership Grants (New!)

Current members may apply one time per year for grants of up to $100 to support memberships for professional organizations related to teaching and learning.

CTA Conference Grants

CTA offers a variety of grants to our CTA/UTSC members.  Grants typically cover conference registration and transportation. The following grants may be of particular interest to our members:

For full details and to apply for a CTA click here