Equity & Human Rights

Mission Statement

The Equity and Human Rights Committee is actively dedicated to working together to create an equitable and fair system of education for its members, students, and families. We are committed to recognizing systemic injustices and reflecting on unconscious bias. We will work towards changing behavior to realize equity and human rights for all 


Resources for Having Difficult Classroom Conversations Regarding Socio-Political Events

The resources on the Google doc linked below have all been recommended by fellow teachers for classroom use. It will continue to be updated as new resources are created and shared.

We encourage you all to address current events regarding racial injustice, homophobia, ableism, discrimination, and other issues of social justice/injustice with both your students as well as your colleagues!

Classroom Conversations on Socio-Political Events

People We Love to Learn From!

We love using social media to learn more about how to be better equity-minded anti-racist educators and accomplices. Please consider following the individuals below to learn more during your free time! 

**Also remember that contributing tangibly (i.e. monetary donations) to someone's work  acknowledges the time and effort someone puts into educating and providing/creating resources. None of these people are required to share what they know or make, but they do anyways! Most of these creators have also links to their Venmo/CashApp in their bios or provide additional resources via Patreon, which is a pay-to-access subscription-type platform. 

Across all apps

Liz Kleinrock (she/her)

IG + Tw: @teachandtransform

Rachel Cargle (she/her)

IG: @rachel.cargle

T: @RachelCargle

The Conscious Kid

IG: @theconsciouskid

Tw: @consciouskidlib

No White Saviors

IG + Tw: @nowhitesaviors

Ijeoma Olu (she/her)

IG + Tw: @IjeomaOluo

Imani Barbarin (she/her)

IG: @crutches_and_spice

Tw: @Imani_Barbarin

Twitter only

Dr. Jon Paul (they/them)


Ken Shelton (he/him)


Shea Martin (they/them)


Val Brown (she/her)


Kelly Wickham Hurst


Instagram only

Blair Amadeus Imani (she/her)


Britt Hawthorne (she/her)


Maribel Gonzalez (she/her)


Ryse T (they/them)


Sonya Renee Taylor (she/her)


Diverse Reads (Vera)


Quarto Kids


The Book Wrangler (Mike) (he/him)


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